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ModernBrain has given students and parents everything they need to foster healthy learning and development since 2008. The benefits of competitive public speaking are well-documented. They include increased confidence, improved critical thinking, better college prospects, more collaboration, and magnified creativity. All of our courses are meticulously designed with these elements in mind.


Our approach is summarized by the five Es of a ModernBrain education: EXPERTISE, EXCELLENCE, EMPATHY, EQUITY, and ENDORSEMENTS.

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EXPERTISE: We prioritize professionalism.

There's a reason organizations in counties like Orange and Los Angeles (educational institutions representing over 50,000 students, such as the Irvine Public Schools Foundation) hire us to support their districts. It's the same reason why nationally recognized entities like the National Youth Poet Laureate Program partner with us, why international college counseling companies like Stoooges Education trust our instructors to prepare their students for the Ivy League, and why the #1-ranked UCLA Trial Advocacy Team has asked for our support.

Our professionalism pervades each element of our approach: from our core values of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction to our year-round, custom-designed lesson plans. Whether it's Speech, Debate, Mock Trial, Model United Nations, acting, or more, our coaches are prepared to guide students from elementary school through college--and, as our adult clients will tell you, into the corporate world. We're your one-stop shop for professional public speaking training.

EXCELLENCE: Winning isn't the goal, but it's the outcome.

Our coaches are the best in the business. We have the winningest competitor in the history of the American Forensics Association, the most successful Policy Debate coach in the last decade of the National Speech and Debate Association, multiple state and national champions who have guided their students to the same accolades they earned, and the only person to win the American Mock Trial Association's national championship as an attorney and witness since 2005--and that's just scratching the surface. ModernBrain's coaching staff is second to none in the country.

It's why, in the 2020-2021 season, our students won over 240 first place public speaking championships, 77 bids to the most competitive tournaments in the nation (the NIETOC and Tournament of Champions), and dozens of national finalist awards at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. We thought about naming every result here, but our awards list from last year alone is over 25 pages long. Check out our blog for specifics.

EMPATHY: We cultivate a culture of caring.

ModernBrain is known for our effective, respectful communication. Before you decide to entrust your student's learning to us, we offer free trial classes and seminars to make sure you're given the appropriate class placement. Once your student is enrolled, they'll receive multiple personalized evaluations throughout the semester. Throughout the process, we promise quick and accurate responses to all phone and email communication.

Our instructors are all trained under the National Federation of State High School Association's standards regarding student safety and well-being. We keep class sizes small to make sure your student receives the attention they need to grow. We use vetted technology approved by teachers who've won research awards for communication to keep track of student learning. When your student joins the ModernBrain family, we make sure they're supported.

EQUITY: Inclusivity and diversity guide our decisions.

As educators, we recognize that traditional 'one size fits all' models, in truth, fit no one. That's why we've hired a robust coaching staff of geographically, culturally, and ideologically diverse educators: to make sure that students from all backgrounds and of all learning styles are given the tailored training they need. Our organization has thrived for over a decade because we encourage open dialogue and cultivate challenging conversations to make sure we never settle for the status quo.

Some organizations hyper-specialize in particular public speaking categories. They might only focus on some forms of debate or only produce material for students who are coming in at a high level of commitment. We're different.

From our endless stream of accolades in every form of American Speech and Debate (including state championships in both hyper-technical categories like Policy Debate and spontaneous events like Impromptu Speaking) to our pristine track record in international contests (like winning the NSDA-China's national championship in Original Oratory) to awards at scholarship-focused events like the Optimist Club Oratorical Contest to earning collegiate honors in Mock Trial and Model United Nations to coaching the national champion in the high school Ethics Bowl tournament, ModernBrain does it all. We want to make sure everyone can benefit from the breadth and depth of our work, which is why we provide pro bono assistance to select nonprofits. If you know a worthy organization, please bring them to our attention.

ENDORSEMENTS: Don't take it from us. Take it from our families.

Take it from Deanna (a ModernBrain mom and theater teacher):

"ModernBrain is beyond phenomenal. My daughter started with them a little over a year ago and just made their Nationals Team in Speech. She has grown so much in her writing, confidence and presentation skills and has the BEST coaches ever.  She likes each of them uniquely and they have all brought out different positive aspects in her. She cannot wait to compete this year with her team that feels like family. ModernBrain is the BEST. Today, while driving, my daughter (in a semi-joking manner) said when she grows up she wants to be [one of her instructors.] For a tween to say that, you know you have a beyond amazing organization! We hope to be a member of the ModernBrain Family for years!"

Take it from Young (a ModernBrain dad and financial consultant):

 "I am honored to provide my personal recommendation for services of truly exceptional merit provided by ModernBrain. ModernBrain has been intensively coaching my son, Jason, in collegiate level debate. Jason, who had never been involved in debate before, in his first year won 14 medals at college debate tournaments, a national championship, and a gold medal in an international debate tournament held in China. The results of this training have been far beyond the most optimistic expectations. My son not only excels in debate, he has also achieved during this same time frame straight 'A' grades in all his classes. His mind has been unlocked and unleashed, and his achievements have been remarkable."

Take it from Joyce (a ModernBrain mom and aerospace executive):

"Thanks to ModernBrain, our son was the Associated Student Body and Speech and Debate President at his middle school in Irvine. He won Best Delegate at his Model United Nations Conference. He won 1st Place at the Orange County Debate League Championship Tournament. He was a finalist for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Great Communicator Debate Series. It qualified him for a $3000 college scholarship and an invitation for an internship at the White House and United States Congress. I know the importance of communication for success in the corporate world. That's why we asked ModernBrain to mentor our kids: because they're the best."