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Why an awards page?

We're proud of the opportunities we provide students to show commitment, develop resilience, and become part of a larger community through public performances. Not all of our families participate in extracurricular competitions. Some are just here to build their confidence, credibility, and creativity as writers and speakers. We understand that gold medals, which are earned in always subjective and often unpredictable competitions, should not come before growth. That's why we celebrate the efforts of all students who overcome their fears and share their messages.

We've listed (1) awards from our current season of competition, (2) bids (which represent placements at top competitions), (3) sweepstakes/team awards (which, since many of our students compete under their school's name instead of our team's name, are particularly challenging for academies like ours to win), and (4) full results from national championship tournaments to reflect the tremendous accomplishment of placing at those competitions (which can include thousands of original entrants).

We intend to add more results later to recognize the hard work of all of our students. Over 180 ModernBrain students have earned an award at an independently adjudicated communications competition from August of 2021 to March of 2022.

This only includes students who (A) primarily compete under ModernBrain’s name or (B) consult with our coaches regularly.

This page was last updated on May 15, 2022.