ModernBrain Summer Updates

all classes awards May 25, 2024

ModernBrain is excited to announce an enriching and dynamic series of summer sessions designed to foster growth, learning, and success in speech, debate, mock trial, and Model United Nations. Our summer program is structured to accommodate various schedules and preferences, ensuring every student has the opportunity to excel.

Summer Sessions Overview

This year, we're offering three distinct summer sessions, each carefully planned to provide an intensive and rewarding experience for our students. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

  1. SESSION ONE (June 10-27, 2024): Kick off your summer with an engaging session that runs from early June through the month.
  2. SESSION TWO (July 1-18, 2024): Keep the momentum going with our mid-summer session, perfect for those who want to build on their skills or join anew.
  3. SESSION THREE (July 22-August 8, 2024): As the summer winds down, this session offers a final opportunity to refine and showcase your talents before the new school year begins.
  4. SESSION FOUR (August 12-16, 2024: This special week-long program is designed for students who are looking for a focused, high-impact learning experience to cap off their summer.

Each of these sessions will be conducted Monday through Thursday, with three hours of immersive learning each day, spread over three weeks--except session four, which is Monday through Friday, all day.

Locations and Partners

ModernBrain is committed to accessibility and convenience, which is why we're hosting sessions across multiple locations this summer: Thousand Oaks, San Marino, Tustin, and Online. Moreover, our esteemed partners at Peninsula Academy will be running additional classes in Palos Verdes, making it easier for more students to join.

We are deeply honored by the overwhelming response and the number of sign-ups we've received so far. Your referrals have made a significant impact, and we are grateful for your trust and support. Each new student is a testament to the strength of our community and the quality of our programs.

Celebrating This Season's Successes

This summer, we're not just looking forward; we're also celebrating the incredible achievements of the past season. ModernBrain has had its best season ever, and we couldn't be prouder of our students and parents.

  1. Over 1100 Public Speaking Awards: Our students have demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication, earning more than 1100 awards in public speaking competitions.
  2. Over 270 Championships: This milestone is a reflection of the hard work and perseverance of our students, who have emerged as champions in over 270 events.
  3. 90 Bids to the Tournament of Champions/NIETOC: Achieving 90 bids is an extraordinary feat, showcasing the high level of skill and commitment our students possess.

These achievements are a collective victory, and we owe them to the tireless efforts of our students, the unwavering support of our parents, and the dedication of our coaches and staff. Thank you for being an integral part of the ModernBrain family. Together, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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