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awards congress debate speech Feb 16, 2023

Tournament Updates

Over 240 of our students have won a public speaking award since late July of 2022. This includes over 120 individual championships since that time. Last week, we competed at the Stanford Univeristy Invitational. There were over 330 programs from 37 states in attendance. No team advanced more entries to elimination rounds than us and we advanced more enries to the top two in their category than any other program.

  • Ellie and Aarini closed out the tournament (taking 1st and 2nd) in middle school Lincoln-Douglas debate! Amy made semifinals, Jason made quarterfinals, and both Gavin and Aaron advanced to octofinals. Ellie was third speaker, Gavin was fifth, Aaron was sixth, Amy was ninth, and Aarini was tenth.
  • Max was 1st and Meera made semifinals (both middle schoolers) in JV Impromptu Speaking.
  • Kelly was 1st, Yuqiao (a middle schooler) made semifinals, and Avelyn (a middle schooler competing for her school team) made quarterfinals in novice Impromptu Speaking.
  • Luna (a freshman) was 6th in varsity Impromptu Speaking.
  • Ashley was 2nd and Krishnni made semifinals in varsity POI.
  • Anna was 2nd and Anya (a middle schooler) was 6th in JV Informative Speaking.
  • Kelly was 3rd in novice Informative Speaking.
  • Meera (a middle schooler) was 2nd, and Arshia, Jennifer, and Max (all middle schoolers) made semifinals in JV Original Oratory.
  • Avelyn and Lucia (both middle schoolers) made semifinals in novice Original Oratory.
  • Jennifer took 2nd and Yuna took 3rd (both middle schoolers) in JV Declamation.
  • Vivian (a middle schooler) took 2nd in JV SPAR.
  • Annie took 5th in varsity SPAR.
  • Grace (a middle schooler) took 4th in JV Humorous Interpretation.
  • Wenyi took 5th in novice Dramatic Interpretation.
  • Anya (a middle schooler) took 6th in JV Dramatic Interpretation.
  • David (a middle schooler) took 4th and Anirudh took 7th in novice Congress.
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