Speech and Debate Scholarships

awards debate interp limited prep platform speeches Sep 13, 2021

We're proud to offer families chances to earn scholastic and financial opportunities through public speaking. Last year, our offerings included:

  • The American Legion Oratorical Contest. One of our students earned a state championship and scholarship ($5000) from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation and the American Legion.
  • The Optimist International Oratorical Contest. Two of our students earned regional championships and thousands of dollars in scholarships from the Optimist Club. 
  • The Ronald Reagan Great Communicators National Championship. Two of our students placed in the top eight nationally, earning thousands of dollars in scholarships from the Ronald Reagan Foundation.   
  • Collegiate forensics programs. Many of our coaches earned partial or full rides to college based on their Speech and Debate involvement. Some students followed in their footsteps. The National Speech and Debate Association has a list of collegiate forensics scholarships.  

While the critical thinking abilities, performance skills, and self-confidence our competitive communication activities build are tremendous in their own right, many parents are curious about the other doors Speech can open. This is a small glimpse into the vast world of opportunities that await hard-working speakers.

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