In-Person Informational Seminars for Fall 2022!

awards seminars Jul 23, 2022
Watch Coach Alana help a new Littles student break out of her shell by teaching her the Turtle Song!

New Seminars

ModernBrain's resources and class offerings have grown exponentially in the past year. We'd like to make sure our families are familiar with them.
That's why we're hosting several in-person seminars to spread the word about new classes, new programs, and new opportunities. Whether you're a returning parent or you'd like to bring some new faces into our family, you're welcome to attend.

If you'd like to learn about our classes by attending in-person seminars in Tustin, Thousand Oaks, Northridge, and Eastvale (July 23 through August 13, 2022), you can sign up at THIS LINK!


New Tournament Results

We'd like to congratulate Feiyang for winning the Chinese Tournament of Champion's July competition in Original Oratory.

We'd also like to celebrate our participants at the July Professional Speech and Debate Association tournament:

  • Stella L. was 4th, Evan H. was 3rd, Shunhe Z. was 2nd, and Krish S. was 1st in junior spontaneous debate!
  • Ulysses was 1st in high school spontaneous debate AND 1st in high school impromptu!
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