New Affiliate Program, New Awards Page, New Records!

awards debate model united nations speech Mar 04, 2022

Website Updates

We launched a new affiliate program.

The ModernBrain affiliate program offers current ModernBrain parents the chance to earn money by referring new students to ModernBrain.

First, parents join our wait list. Second, parents will learn next steps. You'll get a Zoom link with onboarding instructions and next steps within 24 hours. Finally, you'll be onboarded, and earn a referral fee. You'll be able to claim it either as money or, if you prefer, class credit.

  • This is not a retroactive program. It must be for referrals of NEW clients and students only.
  • Affiliates will get a referral fee for each sale for ModernBrain online and ModernBrain-owned locations (Northridge, Thousand Oaks, and Irvine). Affiliates will get a referral fee of the profit from successful referrals to our partner-owned locations (San Mateo, Eastvale, Rancho Cucamonga, and Palos Verdes).

Any current or former ModernBrain parent or guardian who is willing to be trained as an affiliate is eligible.

Please note that maintaining your affiliate status is contingent on adhering to our behavioral codes of good conduct (which will be reviewed during our onboarding process).

We created an awards page.

Our families wanted one easy place to track their awards throughout the year! We don't want to over-emphasize the value of trophies in fundamentally subjective public speaking contests but we do want to celebrate our students' participation and growth.

You can check out our affiliate page HERE and our awards page HERE.

Speech and Debate Tournament Updates

Our students had standout performances across the board.

  • Alice was the runner-up in Original Oratory at the Chinese Tournament of Champions (her first speech competition!).
  • Oscar and Harry made quarterfinals in novice Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley High (their first tournament!).
  • Annie was 1st in POI, Emily was 3rd in SPAR, and Casey was 3rd in Impromptu at the Tri-County Forensic League Spring Open.
  • Swadesh was 1st in Extemp and made semifinals in Oratory, and Ashley L. took 6th in POI, at the MASQ Spring Qualifier.
  • Cyrilla and Ruogu made Octofinals in JV Public Forum at the University of Pennsylvania.

We dominated the Professional Speech and Debate Association's February tournament.

  • Luna was 1st and James was 2nd in Junior SPAR.
  • Luna was 1st and Sarah was 4th in Junior Impromptu.
  • Luna was 1st in Junior Interpretation.
  • Sidney was 1st in High School SPAR and 4th in High School Oratory. 
  • Harry was 2nd and Andrew was 3rd in Elementary Impromptu. 
  • Anny was 2nd and Harry was 4th in Elementary SPAR.
  • Navya was 2nd in High School Impromptu.

We were debate champions at the UC Berkeley tournament.

  • Sarah C. was the JV Lincoln-Douglas CHAMPION (first place out of 119). Nason L. made JV Lincoln-Douglas doubles.
  • Wendy and Ashley D. made Original Oratory octofinals.
  • Ashley D. made POI semifinals. 

We continued a strong streak at the SCJFL Spring Debate tournament.

  • Eric Z./Vivian M. took 3rd in Public Forum. Shiwen and Jeevpreet took 8th. Vivian was the 5th Place speaker in Public Forum; Jeevpreet was 7th.
  • Garfield took 18th in Lincoln-Douglas. 

We had one of the strongest after-school academy performances in the history of the Harvard tournament.

  • Swadesh took 3rd in Original Oratory, earning a TOC and NIETOC bid (top 3 out of 200+). Luna and Jennifer (middle schoolers in high school varsity!) made Oratory Octofinals, each earning a NIETOC bid.
  • Mira and Celine made Middle School Congress semifinals.
  • Lincoln R. made Congress quarterfinals, earning a TOC bid.
  • Ashley L. made POI quarterfinals, winning a NIETOC bid. Shirley made POI Octofinals.
  • Swadesh made Extemp Octofinals, earning a NIETOC bid.
  • Grace (a sixth grader in high school varsity!) made HI Octofinals. 
  • Cyrilla Cao and Ruogu Liu made Triple-Octofinals of JV Public Forum.

We won more championships than any of the 175 teams at the Palm Classic.

  • Swadesh was the Varsity National Extemp CHAMPION, earning a TOC bid. 
  • Swadesh was 3rd Place in Varsity Oratory. Krishnni was 6th. Both earned TOC bids.
  • Annie B. was 5th Place in Varsity POI.
  • Shirley was a Varsity Impromptu semifinalist.
  • Luna was the JV SPAR CHAMPION. Meera was 2nd.
  • Anna F. was the JV Original Oratory CHAMPION. 
  • Audrey M. was the novice Original Oratory CHAMPION. Angelia was 5th.
  • Luna was 2nd Place in JV Impromptu. Meera was 5th.
  • Luna was 2nd Place in JV Declamation.
  • Jennifer was 2nd Place in JV Dramatic Interp.
  • Grace was 2nd Place in JV Humorous Interp.
  • Dylan was 2nd Place in novice Informative.
  • Audrey M. was 2nd Place in novice Declamation.
  • Yuqiao was 5th Place in novice Humorous Interp.
  • Sarah C. was the JV Lincoln-Douglas CHAMPION. Sarah was 2nd speaker, Nason was 6th, and Lucius was 9th.
  • Ellie was the Middle School Lincoln-Douglas RUNNER-UP. Jolynn, Amy, and Dania made the top 8/quarterfinals. Dania was 3rd speaker, Amy was 5th, Jolynn was 8th, and Ethan Yang was 9th.
  • Cyntha took 11th in Varsity Congress finals, earning a TOC bid.
  • Ryan made Novice Lincoln-Douglas semifinals. He was also 4th speaker.
  • Annabelle K. made Tournament of Champions Lincoln-Douglas Triple-Octofinals. 

We closed out debate at Quarry Lane.

  • Zoe/Chenyue AND Krystal/Audrey closed out Policy Debate, both tying for FIRST PLACE! Audrey was the FIRST PLACE speaker, Krystal was 2nd, Chenyue was 4th, Zoe was 5th, Ian was 9th, and Hans was 10th.
  • Audrey/Navya got 2nd place in DUO.
  • Jeevpreet/Leon made quarterfinals in JV Public Forum (middle schoolers!). 

Model United Nations Tournament Updates

Garfield received an outstanding delegate award at the BASIS Independent Conference (his first). He was the only middle schooler to get top three at this high school conference.

Brian received an outstanding delegate award at the Whitney Conference.

Jason received the best delegate award and research Award at the Griff Conference.

Our summer courses (in-person and online) will be up soon, but you can still register for Spring courses!

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