ModernBrain Fall 2022 Recap: A Season of Successes

admissions counseling all classes awards new classes Dec 23, 2022

As we wave goodbye to 2022, we have a lot to be grateful for. We'd like to share some highlights from our fantastic fall semester. It's not too late to join us in the spring--classes start on January 9, 2023. You can sign up here.

ModernBrain Updates

  • We welcomed new coaches (Model United Nations experts like Darla, mock trial stars like Natalie, and speech and debate team-builders like Taylor) into our family. Read all about them here.
  • Our admissions counseling students enjoyed an incredibly successful season. Building on last year's acceptances to schools like Brown, Duke, Wesleyan, and Vassar, our students have been admitted thus far--get ready for the regular decision results in March!--to highly selective schools, including Stanford, Georgetown, Tufts, Tulane, and Case Western.
  • As we grow, we're adding new counselors to our roster to support the demand. We're also implementing new services, which will result in a price increase. The families who signed up with us early, including those who sign up before the end of the calendar year, will get them for free. Sign up here.
  • We also added new class options. Students can now participate in our Elementary Nationals Team (for elementary schoolers who want to compete often and become state/national champions; admission requires an interview), our College Writing Workshop (for high school students who want to improve their writing skills, polish their resume, and understand what colleges are looking for), and our Future Business Leaders of America Competition Class (for high schoolers who want to start a team, and excel competitively, at their school). Read about them here.
  • Finally, we're re-opening in Cupertino (through our partners) and opening in San Marino for the first time! You can register for Cupertino at our partner page and San Marino through our normal spring 2023 registration page (it's at the start of this post).

Tournament Updates

  • Roughly 230 of our students have won a public speaking award since late July of 2022. To put it in perspective, last year, roughly 200 students won a public speaking award by the end of the school year. This is our most successful, wide-reaching semester yet.
  • Our elementary school students have won 19 individual championships. Our middle schoolers have won 51. Our high schoolers have won 34. Collectively, that's over 100 championships in one semester. We've now earned over 500 championships since 2020.
  • We've earned 17 'bids' to the most competitive tournaments in the country (the NIETOC and Kentucky Tournament of Champions) in Original Oratory, Programmed Oral Interpretation, Student Congress, Dramatic Interpretation, and Policy Debate.
  • Our Model United Nations students earned 10 individual commendations. Our mock trial students won 35 outstanding attorney or witness awards.
  • We're currently leading the National Online Forensics League's best overall team (sweepstakes) award by over 100 points.
  • We became the first after school academy to ever win the CSU Long Beach/Jack Howe grand sweepstakes/best overall team award (against some of the most competitive middle and high school programs in California).
  • Read about our students' successes here.

Our final early bird discount expires on December 25, 2022. Don't miss your opportunity to sign up for the best speech, debate, mock trial, MUN, and college admissions counseling in the country!

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