ModernBrain: 2022 National Champions

awards congress speech Jun 10, 2022

Championship Updates

Our students from Jeffrey Trail, Parks, Polytechnic, Ridgecrest, VanDamme, Lindero Canyon, Sierra Vista, Bowditch, Legacy Magnet, Frisco, and Turtle Rock middle schools participated in the 2022 National Speech and Debate Association's middle school championship, perhaps the most competitive tournament in the nation for this age bracket. It was our most successful year yet:
  • Luna was the Oratory NATIONAL CHAMPION and 6th Place in Declamation.
  • Celine was the Congress NATIONAL CHAMPION.
  • Anna F. was the POI NATIONAL CHAMPION.
  • Evan (co-coached by New Age Learning) was the Extemp RUNNER-UP.
  • Audrey M. was the Oratory RUNNER-UP.
  • Yena (co-coached by the Parks speech staff) was 3rd Place in Oratory.
  • Anna F. and Sodongoo S. (co-coached by Nova 42 Academy) were Oratory semifinalists. Anna C. was a Congress semifinalist. Sophia X. was an Oratory quarterfinalist.

Our elementary, middle, and high school students attended the Season Two championship from the Professional Speech and Debate Association. We were honored for our consistency and talent by winning both tournament and season-long sweepstakes awards:

  • Gavin (1st), Leonid (2nd), and Ben (3rd) closed out Junior SPAR.
  • Medha A. got 1st in Elementary Impromptu.
  • Krishnni K. was 3rd for season-long high school sweepstakes.
  • Luna B. was 1st, Sarah N. was 2nd, and Gavin H. was 3rd for season-long junior sweepstakes.
  • ModernBrain Ruby (Olivia B., Navya G., Krishnni K., Sophia Z., Garfield Q.) was 1st for season-long high school team sweepstakes.
  • ModernBrain Gold (Peyton T., Grace A-J., Ava L., Yuqiao S., Juliana Y.) was 1st, ModernBrain Silver (Miranda H., Kexin C., Gavin H., Giovanna C., Jason K.) was 2nd, and St. Francis (coached by ModernBrain) was 3rd for season-long junior team sweepstakes.
  • ModernBrain Red (Anny D., Andrew H., Harry C., Pyron T., Matthew S.) was 3rd for season-long elementary school team sweepstakes.
A small number of our elementary, middle, and high school students attended the National Online Forensics League Championship tournament at the start of their summer break. We performed admirably across the board:
  • Samuel got Gold in High School Lincoln-Douglas.
  • Evan got Gold in High School Impromptu and Silver in High School Extemp. He was also the 2nd Place overall individual speaker (as an eighth grader).
  • Sophia Z. got Bronze in High School Oratory.
  • Arshia (Frisco Independent) got Gold and Jennifer got Silver in Middle School Persuasive.
  • Grace got Gold in Declamation and Bronze in Middle School HI.
  • Jennifer got Bronze in Middle School Dramatic.
  • Yuqiao S. got Silver in Elementary School Impromptu.
  • Thomas S. got Silver in Elementary School Informative.
  • Yuqiao S. and Brenda B. got Bronze in Elementary School Persuasive.
  • Matthew S. got Bronze in Elementary School Storytelling.
  • Yuqiao S. and Anny D. got Bronze in Elementary School SPAR. 

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