Class: Middle School Lincoln-Douglas Debate (Interview Required)

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Middle School Lincoln Douglas Debate (Interview Required)

6th-8th grade

This class is for policy-style progressive Lincoln Douglas debaters. This class would be best suited for students who are interested in competitive debate, want a topic that changes every two months, and prefer one on one debating. Lincoln Douglas is research heavy. To be successful at LD, students will be evaluated based on their depth of understanding of the topic, and their ability to provide extensive evidence. In this class students will learn how to research, they will deepen their knowledge base, learn how to understand multiple perspectives on issues, deal with ethical questions, and develop their note taking and reading skills. 

When taking this class, students get the opportunity to participate in external competition which includes local tournaments, scrimmages as well as state and national level tournaments. Students will be required to compete in 90% of tournaments in order to remain in the class.

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