Middle School: ModernBrain's Season In Review (2023)

debate mock trial model united nations speech Jun 24, 2023

ModernBrain, the leading after-school enrichment and public speaking tutoring company for competitive K-12 students, takes pride in reflecting upon a year filled with extraordinary accomplishments. Our middle school Nationals speech and debate teams have soared to unprecedented heights, leaving a lasting mark on the competitive circuit. Join us as we celebrate their outstanding achievements and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Champs at the Tournament of Champions

At the middle school Tournament of Champions, our teams showcased their excellence by advancing to elimination rounds in a multitude of events. From Impromptu, Informative, Lincoln-Douglas, and Oral Interpretation to Original Oratory, Policy Debate, Program Oral Interpretation, and Congress, our students conquered the stage. In fact, ModernBrain emerged as the unparalleled champions, securing more championships than any other team at the Tournament of Champions for the second consecutive year. Moreover, our program achieved a groundbreaking feat by closing out both the Policy Debate team awards and the Policy Debate speaking contest, clinching the top three spots.

Triumph at the National Online Forensics League

Proving their versatility, ModernBrain students excelled at the National Online Forensics League, a platform that fosters online speech and debate competitions. Across categories such as Declamation, Dramatic Interpretation, Impromptu, Informative, Lincoln-Douglas, Poetry, Prose, SPAR, and Congress, our students shone brightly, earning well-deserved accolades. That's why we were named the season-long sweepstakes champions--the top team in this international league.

Success at the National Speech and Debate Association Championship

Adding to our list of accomplishments, ModernBrain students showcased their skills at the prestigious National Speech and Debate Association Championship. The team emerged triumphant in Impromptu speaking, securing the coveted national championship. Additionally, our students displayed their talent and dedication in categories such as Declamation, Informative, Original Oratory, Policy Debate, POI, Prose, and Congress, making their mark among fierce competitors.

Excelling Beyond Expectations

Notably, ModernBrain's middle schoolers surpassed expectations by participating and excelling in high school tournaments. Their exceptional performances in events ranging from Extemp Commentary, Extemporaneous, Impromptu, SPAR, Declamation, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, POI, Storytelling, Informative, Original Oratory, Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, Public Forum, Student Congress, Model United Nations, to Mock Trial, resulted in remarkable victories against high schoolers, proving their ability to thrive in challenging environments.

The Power of Over 100 Championships

In the span of just one year, ModernBrain students collectively secured over 100 middle school championships. This exceptional achievement underscores the effectiveness of our program, the dedication of our students, and the expertise of our passionate instructors. The success of each individual reflects the strength of the ModernBrain community as a whole.

Join Us This Fall

As we embark on a new academic year, ModernBrain is thrilled to announce that our fall classes will commence in the coming week, beginning June 27. Whether your child aspires to develop their public speaking skills, enhance their debate prowess, or unlock their potential in various competitive events, ModernBrain is the perfect platform for them to thrive. Don't miss the opportunity to sharpen their skills, foster confidence, and embrace the transformative power of effective communication.

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