ModernBrain's First Place Halloweekend (Sweepstakes Champions in the South)

awards congress debate interp mock trial Nov 01, 2021

Happy Halloween, one and all! ModernBrain's students celebrated the spookiest time of the year with style, speeches, and tremendous successes.

First, our middle school speech students swept the Southern California Junior Forensics League.

18 schools and academies attended the SCJFL's Speech tournament. ModernBrain was the top overall team, winning more championships and advancing more entries to elimination rounds than any other program.

  • CHAMPION, Oratory: Luna
  • CHAMPION, Open Impromptu: Izzie
  • CHAMPION, Informative: Izzie
  • RUNNER-UP, Oratory: Angelia
  • RUNNER-UP, Declamation: Grace
  • 3rd Place, Oratory: Sophia
  • 3rd Place, Open SPAR: Luna
  • 3rd Place, Open Impromptu: Yuqiao
  • 3rd Place, Informative: Grace
  • 3rd Place, Novice Impromptu: Jason
  • 4th Place, Novice Impromptu: Brielle
  • 4th Place, Novice SPAR: James
  • 5th Place, Open Impromptu: Yuqiao
  • 8th Place, Open Impromptu: Olivia

Then, our Nationals Team students won FIRST PLACE at a multi-state Tournament of Champions tournament.

The Ryle Virtually Haunted competition, hosted by Kentuckians, drew teams from eight states. ModernBrain's students were the Speech Sweepstakes CHAMPIONS.

  • Audrey was 3rd and Ashley was the CHAMPION in POI, winning a NIETOC bid!
  • Ashley was the ORATORY CHAMPION, winning a NIETOC bid!
  • Audrey was the CHAMPION in Storytelling!
  • Grace was 6th, Luna was 4th, and Emily was 3rd in Declamation!
  • Grace was 6th in Humorous.

Finally, our debate students proved themselves at multiple competitions.

Kerry made the semifinal round in Congressional Debate at the Florida Blue Key tournament, earning a bid to the Tournament of Champions. Joseph made the top 32 in Lincoln-Douglas at the Meadows tournament.

Our middle school debaters attended the Hyde Invitational, where they performed admirably. Ariel and Daniel were undefeated across three rounds of prelims in Novice Policy Debate. Audrey and Iva, Mason and Aiden, and Zoe and Chenyue were undefeated across three rounds of prelims in Open Policy Debate. Chenyue, Zoe, Aiden, Audrey, and Mason (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th) all won speaker awards.

Finally, the Stoooges Mock Trial team competed at the international Empire Mock Trial tournament. They were, once again, the #1 international program in their division (only losing directly to the division's champions). William was named one of the top attorneys in both divisions.

We're looking forward to more opportunities to excel and empower in November! Thank you for being a part of our family.

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