A Record-Breaking Three-peat at the CSU Long Beach Championship (2023)

awards Oct 01, 2023

At ModernBrain, we believe in nurturing the potential of every student and helping them shine in competitive arenas. Our recent triumph at the CSU Long Beach Tournament, where we clinched the grand sweepstakes for the third consecutive year, stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, coaches, and parents. What makes this victory even more remarkable is the fact that many of our talented competitors, who train with us, chose to compete with their home teams. This decision speaks volumes about our commitment to fostering not only individual growth but also the development of strong, independent teams. Let's delve into the details of our outstanding achievements at this prestigious event.

Dedication and Support

Our grand sweepstakes win at the CSU Long Beach Tournament is a result of the collective effort of our entire ModernBrain community. From the relentless practice sessions to the unwavering support from parents and coaches, every component played a crucial role in our victory. It's this unyielding dedication that sets our academy apart.

Competing Against the Best

One of the most noteworthy aspects of our victory is that we achieved this feat with a majority of our team being middle schoolers. They faced off against formidable opponents from 121 high schools across ten states, including some of the most prestigious private and public institutions. The resilience and determination displayed by our students are a testament to the quality of training they receive at ModernBrain.

Individual Triumphs: A Showcase of Talent

The CSU Long Beach Tournament saw ModernBrain students excelling in a multitude of categories, leaving an indelible mark on the competition:

  1. Middle School Congress: Takumi (Alex) (3rd place), Jolene (4th), Zixiang (6th), Jaden (8th), Derek (10th), and Rishivan (11th) made finals.

  2. Open Congress: Leshanshui made semifinals.

  3. Middle School Public Forum: Elaine/Ronit made semifinals.

  4. Novice Policy: William/Nesara made quarterfinals (middle schoolers). Wenxi was 8th speaker and Logan was 10th (middle schoolers).

  5. TOC Lincoln-Douglas: Justin and Amy (Sage HIll) made doubles.

  6. Novice Declamation: Anny (4th, middle schooler) and Vivian (3rd, middle schooler) made finals.

  7. Novice Dramatic: Audrey (3rd) and Ivy (7th, middle schooler) made finals.

  8. Open Declamation: Annie (7th) made finals.

  9. Novice Informative: Gloria (6th, middle schooler) and Daniel (1st, elementary schooler) made finals.

  10. Novice Oratory: Cailyn made semifinals. Avelyn (Harker, middle schooler) made semifinals.

  11. Open Oratory: Luna (Northwood) took 2nd (earning a TOC and NIETOC bid).

  12. Novice Extemp: Avelyn took 4th.

  13. Novice Impromptu: Daniel (1st, elementary schooler), Kathleen (2nd), Anna (3rd, Northwood), Sissi (5th, middle schooler), Shangeli (6th), and Mia (7th, middle schooler) made finals. Gloria (middle schooler), Lucia (middle schooler), and Yuqiao (middle schooler) made semifinals.

  14. Open Impromptu: Annie (7th) made finals. Luna (Northwood) made semifinals.

Our victory at the CSU Long Beach Tournament is a testament to the incredible potential of our students and the unwavering support of our dedicated community. We are immensely proud of each and every participant, whether they competed with us or represented their home teams. This achievement reinforces our belief in the power of collaborative learning and individual growth. At ModernBrain, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of confident, articulate, and competitive leaders. Congratulations to all our students, coaches, and parents for this outstanding achievement!
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