ModernBrain Milestone: 300 National Placements

awards Apr 26, 2024

At ModernBrain, we're more than just an after-school enrichment program; we're a launching pad for future leaders and champions. We’re excited to share that we’ve just celebrated our 300th national placement, proving that our coaching methods aren’t just effective, they’re transformative!

We're all about discovering and nurturing the potential in each student, helping them to articulate their thoughts, defend their views, and ultimately, prepare for a future filled with academic and professional success. Our coaching strategies are tailored to empower our students to excel in competitive environments, making every speaking opportunity a stepping stone to greater achievements.

Ready to see your child transform into a confident speaker and a formidable competitor? Join us at ModernBrain, where we make champions, one speech at a time! Let's reach new heights together! 🌟

National Competitions Where Our Students Have Placed:

  • Mock Trial Tournament of Champions
  • National Model United Naitons Conference
  • Chinese High School Tournament of Champions
  • Tournament of Champions
  • National Online Forensics Championship
  • Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference
  • National Speech and Debate Association China Championship
  • National Debate Coaches Association Championship
  • National Individual Events Tournament of Champions
  • National Speech and Debate Association Championship
  • Ronald Reagan Great Communicator Debate National Championship
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