***June 2nd, 2019: Orator’s Cup Tournament!!!***

Sign up w/ Yilin or Jasmin (WeChat: modernbrain, Phone: 949-441-8354, Email: jasmin@modernbrain.com) ASAP! Every student should go!

Orator’s Cup Tournament Info

Date: Sunday, June 2nd. Arrive at 7:30am for warmups

Tournament Address: Pacoima Charter School: 11016 Norris Ave, Pacoima, 91331

Dress code: Formal (Suit and tie for guys, suit or formal dress for girl)

Tournament fee: TBD based on your events. Talk to Jasmin or Yilin to pay your tournament fee ASAP.

Pattern A:
Congress, Original Oratory, Informative (5 min for 3rd-8th grades, 10 min for 9th-12th grades), ADS (5 min).

Pattern B: Impromptu, Spar, Spontaneous Duo (9th-12th grades only), Original Interp for 1 or 2, Spanish Acting (5 min, 3rd-8th grades only).

Pattern C: Dramatic Interp, Duo, Humorous Interp, Interp W/ Binder (Prose, Poetry, or POI; 7 min), Declamation, Storytelling.
***Double entry allowed in all patterns***

SPAR timing format
1 minute for preparation. (Both students will prep at the same time.)
1 minute for Affirmative/Pro speech
1 minutes for Negative/Con speech
3 minutes open cross examination
1 minute for affirmative rebuttal
1 minute for negative rebuttal.

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Extra practice for Orator’s Cup! Please sign up for the sessions you will be at so we can schedule coaches accordingly!

How to Join online tournament practice:

  1. Join zoom.us

  2. click on Join a meeting

  3. Our ModernBrain meeting ID is: 6317906120


General Tournament FAQs:

Q: What are the different rounds/patterns?
A: Patterns just mean that students will compete in different events at different times. It allows for a tournament to host more events. Rounds mean that students will be performing the SAME SPEECH three different times, for different judges. Scores are averaged across rounds to determine final placings.

Q: How many events can I sign up for?
A: You can double enter in speech, which means you can do two events in each pattern, which means you can do 6 events total.

Q: What is I have something in the morning/afternoon the day of the tournament?
A: This is an all day event, so you’ll have to be there the whole day.

Q: Will there be practice in class next week?
A: Yes. We'll be working on your events up until the tournament. If you feel like you need extra help, we will also be having online coaching sessions the week of the tournament.

Q: I need help writing a speech/getting suggestions or edits for my speech.
A: If you have a speech you've written and you want some feedback, you can put your speech in a Google doc and share it with Coach Jasmin at jasmin@modernbrain.com and she will give you some suggestions.