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ModernBrain Speech and Debate

Summer 2021 Online Classes


9 weeks, twice a week, total of 18 classes

Most online classes are twice a week and last 2 hours per class. Each time is a separate class. We offer multiple time slots for most classes. Choose the time that works best for you. All times are PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).


Early Summer Special One Week Intro to Policy Debate Online Camp

Tuition: $450 per student  (3% early bird discount register and pay before 5/15/2020)

Date and time:  6/7-6/11/2021, 1:15-4:15 pm PST (Monday to Friday afternoon)

Location:  Online (Zoom)

Age:  Advanced incoming 6th-8th grade

Teacher: Award winning Mr. Scott Wheeler

Requirement: Brief interview with ModernBrain staff required 

For this class, we are seeking students who are passionate, self-motivated‭, ‬enjoy research‭, ‬and interested in joining our award winning Policy/Progressive LD debate competition team next school year‭.‬ Students for this specific class should also be physically located in the Southern California area‭.‬


In Person Classes (At our Tustin/Irvine Location)

6/7-6/18/2021- 9 am-12pm (Monday to Friday, 2 weeks long)
Elementary Speech and Debate Comprehensive- Incoming 3rd-5th



From 6/21-7/30/2021 (Mon/Wed/Friday) 10am -12pm 

MS Debate Comprehensive (PF/LD/Parli) - Incoming 6th-8th grade


From 6/21-7/30/2021 (Mon/Wed/Friday) 1:15 pm-3:15 pm
Economics, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (Incoming 6th-8th grade) 


Online Class Update:

New Economics, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship Class: Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5:30 pm

New Littles Speech Class (incoming 1st and 2nd grade): Tuesday and Thursday 4-5:30 pm

(Tu/Thur 1-2:30 Full)


In Person Class (At VIP High School: 18827 Roscoe Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324)

Class schedule: 

6/21-8/6/2021 (7 weeks, twice a week, total 14 classes) 

In Person Class 4: Middle school Debate Comprehensive Class: 6th-8th grade 

Monday and Wednesday 10am-12 pm

In Person Class 5: Elementary Speech and Debate Comprehensive Class: 3rd-5th grade

Monday and Wednesday 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

In Person Class 6: National Circuit Style Lincoln Douglas Debate Class: 6th-9th grade 

Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm

Tuition: $1050

Discounts: $50 friends discount if two friends sign up together. 5% early bird discount if complete registration before 6/16/2021

Register Below For Summer 2021 Classes

Summer 2021 Pricing (Online Classes)

Class time: Twice a week, 9 weeks long, 18 classes total (2 hours long each class)


Two hours class $1350

Littles Speech Class: $1026

Discount for twice a week online classes:

1. Multi-class discount:

If you sign up for multiple sets of summer classes: receive 20% off the additional classes you sign up for 

2. Early Bird discount: 

7% off if register and paid before 5/1/2021

4% off if register and paid before 5/15/2021

3. Sibling discount: 10% off for the second student in the same family (Whichever student’s class has less tuition will receive the discount)

(Please note, these discount do not apply to any National team/Competition team class.)


One week Online Intro to Policy Debate Class (Monday to Friday Half Day)

Pricing: $450

Discount: (3% early bird discount register and pay before 5/15/2021)


In Person Class Tuition

Two week camp

(Elementary Speech and Debate Comprehensive class): $750

Discount: 5% discount if register and paid before 5/15/2021


Other In Person Classes:

Three classes per week, 6 weeks long, total 18 classes.

Total tuition: $1350

4% discounts register and paid before 5/30/2021


What class should I take?

ModernBrain Speech and Debate

A guide for choosing classes

Summer 2021


Billionaires Club and Economics, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship class description and class goal

Students are used to taking tests and learning what they are taught in school, but what’s lacking is the ability to apply all of these great ideas from math, science, literature, writing, speaking to become an independent human being who can make great decisions and become financially independent. 

Our goal is to give students the intellectual and decision-making tools that they need to become independent financially stable people by the time they finish high school.

Students will learn the basics of personal financial literacy, the elements of building a successful business, finance and investment through the eyes of an investor, and economic theory and history.

It all begins in elementary school with personal financial literacy and public speaking for business. In middle school, students transition to learning economics and practical business skills. Finally, at the high school level, students prep for AP Macro and Microeconomics while learning economic theory and history. 

Although what students learn is serious, this class is designed to be engaging and fun. This is not just a lecture class. Students learn through games, competitions, and group problem-solving.