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FIRST, WE'LL DISCUSS OUR COMPREHENSIVE COURSES. We'll describe everything you need to know about our classes, coaches, and curriculum. Every question will be answered. Whether your child is a novice or a national champion--whether they care about public speaking, creative writing, competitive debate, mock trial, model united nations, or even Dungeons and Dragons--ModernBrain has what it takes for your child to excel.

SECOND, WE'LL COVER OUR NATIONAL COMPETITION TEAMS. We'll detail our unique coaching system, our history of success, our tournament schedule, and the sorts of students who tend to excel. Our representatives will answer any questions you might have to help you make the best decision for your student. Please note: this second program is for families who will commit year-round to their student's growth in Speech and Debate. The Nationals team is not for beginners. Students should have an understanding of basic competitive categories before their individual interview.

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