We teach critical thinking through oral communication. Our mission is to help students and teachers develop confidence, build self efficacy, conflict resolution, and intercultural skills. We believe that the most important skill is to learn how to learn. Read More About Us.




The ModernBrain speech education program is dedicated to furthering the theory and practice of speech inside and outside of school and the academy. We believe that effective speaking is an art and a science. Through the lenses of communication, competition, and leadership our students learn to become powerful and confident speakers. 

ModernBrain 演讲辩论训练营多年来帮助学生在学校内学校外深度加强学生们对演讲理论的实践和练习。我们相信有有效的演讲是艺术和



Students can benefit from practical tests of their communication abilities. Speech competitions provide a good forum for honing their skills. There are dozens of speech events and hundreds of competitions at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels each year. From competing in class to competing on a world stage, students gain valuable insight through competing with others.

Critical Reasoning Skills

“Entrants to today’s work force can expect to change jobs several times over the course of their career. The skills required for specific jobs are likely to change quickly as well. In contrast, the importance of the core critical-thinking skills is enduring.”

- Council for Aid to Education (CAE)

Debate is a speech event where an individual or team attempts to persuade a judge to prefer their side of a resolution. In order to perform well in debate, a student should build a skill set that includes research, teamwork, leadership, moral and ethical decision making, and public speaking abilities.

Debate is a uniquely beneficial activity because it teaches students to learn effective research skills, to build a substantial knowledge base, and then to use those skills, receive feedback, and to improve and refine these abilities.

The process of self evaluation and adaption which is built into debate, is an essential academic competency for all students.