Thank You For Judging

We Appreciate Your Work


Currently we are competing online through NSDA Campus. Please look through some of the videos on It will explain how NSDA campus works. 


NSDA Campus Online Tournament Guide (this guide is extremely helpful in navigating the new online platform) :   


Recording of a Judge Training Session:  

How to fill out a ballot:


Many judges had asked if they could observe rounds of competition. Here are some links to a few events so that you can see what a round in that event might look like.

Program Oral Interp:

Public Forum Debate Online:

Public Forum Debate In Person:

Humorous Interpretation:

Informative Speaking:

Congressional Debate: (go about 8 minutes in)


-Login to your account. Go to 30 minutes before your round is supposed to start. Postings won't happen till 30 min to 5 min before your round

-Click your email at the right corner. 

-A box may show up on your tabroom account with a round. If nothing shows up, you probably have the round off.

-If you have a round click "START ROUND" immediately. Click this button even if the round doesn't start for an hour. It does not actually start your round. It is the only way that the tournament knows that you are able to judge your round. 

-Click the video icon to go directly to your competition room on NSDA Campus.

-Once there, you will need your camera and audio to communicate with the students.

-Then you will watch the students on NSDA campus.

-You will fill out your ballot on The ballot is where you will put the RANKINGS, FEEDBACK, and SPEAKER POINTS (if the tournament asks for speaker points.) If you have judged on tabroom before, then you are familiar with the ballot. If you are unsure of what a ballot looks like on tabroom, the video “How to fill out a ballot” shows one.