Why should international students learn public speaking?

One of the things that excites international students about the most about studying in the US is the opportunity for vigorous debate in the classroom. For non native speakers of English, those opportunities can bring stress and fear. Learning to embrace a little risk and to grow from mistakes can accelerate a student’s progress and connect them to new people and ideas.

Arthur is one of our first International student ambassadors. And he has a message for you. If you are a new international student in the US, don’t wait until you feel that your communications skills are perfect. Take a chance. Stumble, fall, and become stronger through learning from your mistakes. Arthur isn’t waiting and neither should you.

The most effective elements of learning and practice

  • Repetition

  • Self Assessment

  • Feedback

Arthur on learning informative speaking

  • Connect to others

  • Stand out

  • Organize your thoughts better