Tournament FAQs:

Q: Do I go up on stage?

A: Most of you will be performing speeches in classrooms that don't have stages. You want to stand at the opposite end of the judge in the center of the room. If the judge is sitting in one corner, you stand in the opposite corner. However, there is a platform or stage in the room you should utilize it.

Q: Will there be practice in class next week?

A: Yes. We'll be working on your events up until the tournament. If you feel like you need extra help you should join our online sessions.

Q: I need help writing a speech/getting suggestions or edits for my speech.

A: If you have a speech you've written for Congress, OO, Info, ADS, or Original Interp, and you want some feedback, you can put your speech in a Google doc and share it with Coach Jasmin at and she will give you some suggestions.

Feb 3, 2019 Tournament Address

Address: Cal State Fullerton, (   800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92831)

Park in the Lot F off of Nutwood near the Marriott Hotel. Enter campus on Folino Drive, adjacent to Mihaylo Hall.  We will meet in front of Humanities Building on the Cal State Fullerton main campus. Parking is free on Sunday.

Dress code: Formal (Suit and tie for guys, suit or formal dress for girl)

Please arrive at 12:30 pm

If you have not turn in tournament fee, please turn it in to coach jasmin.

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Writing Guideline

Fiction Writing:

Competitors must submit an original fictional story about a character that follows the tournament’stheme: “Resolutions”

1. Originality (create a unique character/s) 2. Structure: Beginning, Climax, End
3. Language/Grammar
4. Tournament theme – “Resolutions”

Non-Fiction Writing:

Competitors must submit an original, non-fictional argumentative essay exploring the statement in the writing prompt.

Writing prompt – Competitors must take an affirmative or negative stance on the writing prompt: NewYear’s resolutions do not work.

Entries will be judged on:

  1. Language/Grammar

  2. Clear position – did the writer clearly answer the prompt?

  3. Arguments (strength of the arguments and sources cited to back up reasoning)

Each entry must include a cover page containing

  •  Competitor’s name

  •  Name of school or academy : ModernBrain

  •  Student’s age group (Elementary, Middle, High School)

  • Category (Fiction/Non Fiction Writing)

    Word limit not to exceed 1000 words. Please email your completed writing to before 1/27/2019.

SPAR Rules for this tournament:

SPAR timing format

  •  2 minutes for preparation. (Both students will prep at the same time.)

  •  2 minutes for Affirmative/Pro speech

  •  2 minute Negative cross examines Affirmative

  •  2 minutes for Negative/Con speech

  •  2 minute Affirmative cross examines Negative

  •  1 minute for affirmative rebuttal

  •  1 minute for negative rebuttal

    This tournament’s cross examination:
    Instead of a cross fire style cross examination will follow a controlled format. After the first affirmative speech the Negative Speaker will ask the affirmative questions. Only the
    Negative speaker is allowed to ask questions during this time. After the negative speech affirmative will cross examine the negative speaker and only the affirmative speaker can ask questions. Audience members will not be allowed to ask questions during cross examination periods.

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Online Session Schedule

Monday, Jan 28th: Spar, Impromptu, Elementary rookie spar

Tuesday, Jan 29th: Interps & Platforms (Declamation, Duo, OO, Prose, POI, HI, DI, Info, Storytelling, ADS)

Wednesday, Jan 30: Spar, Impromptu, elementary rookie spar

Thursday, Jan 31: Interps (Declamation, Duo, Prose, POI, HI, DI, Storytelling)

Friday, Feb 1: Platforms (Original Oratory, Informative, ADS)