Speech & Debate

Why Speech and Debate?

“Extracurricular activities like forensics (debate) are playing an increasingly important role in the college admissions as well as the scholarship awarding processes.”

-- Minh A. Luong, Yale Professor 

The ModernBrain speech education program is dedicated to furthering the theory and practice of speech inside and outside of school and the academy. We believe that effective speaking is an art and a science. Through the lenses of communication, competition, and leadership our students learn to become powerful and confident speakers. 

Reading & Writing

Children who read tend to do better at school and professionally. The rise in technology means increased demands for higher literacy and consequences are grievous for those who fall short, according to "Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children." 

Mock Trial

Mock trials have proven to be an effective learning tool for students of all grade levels. It helps them understand the law, practice critical thinking, and gain greater confidence with public speaking by assuming the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a fictional criminal or civil trial. Participants experience first-hand the difficulties that judges, lawyers and juries face in determining which facts are relevant and what legal arguments are effective. 

SUMMER PROGRAM                                                             Summer Registration and Payment - Start Here

This summer, we'll be offering three sessions of a "thinking through
oral communication class" All will include the same foundation of
critical thinking, note taking, and speaking. But they will differ in
their emphasis.

Class 1 will be a traditional speech and debate class. Students will
learn the fundamentals of argument and limited preparation speaking.

Class 2 is Oral interpretation of literature (acting). After the
fundamentals, students will learn to act and analyze their own
performance using humorous and dramatic literature.

Class 3 is Communication through the art of magic. Coach Carl is not
just a successful speech coach, he's also a professional magician who
has performed close up magic at the magic castle. Students will learn
basic communication followed by how to tell a story through magic.

Class 4 - MSPDP Camp
Coach Jamie, who is an award winning lawyer, mock trial coach, debate
coach (as well as myself) will teach an MSPDP camp that will cover
everything from research and case construction to voice and diction
for debate. We will end the class with a real full MSPDP tournament so
that everyone can be ready for debate in the fall.