Daily Exercises To Improve Your Child's Speech and Debate Skills

Every week, we will add several new drills. 

Note taking skills:

  • Turn on Public Radio 89.3/89.9 and take notes for 2 minutes
  • Advanced version. Take notes and write questions at the same time
  • Every week, add 1 minute to your practice until you can take accurate notes for 7 minutes.
  • Students should take notes using the "flow technique" which includes the use of shorthand and symbols.





January 21st-27th


This week 's ARESR homework is:

  • Choose 1 value
    • For example: Fairness, Happiness, Economic Benefit, Justice, Truth, Progress, Strength, Courage etc
  • In ARESR form, make an argument from that value. The ARESR should answer these questions: What is your value? Why is it important?
  • Simply follow the form.
  • Bonus points for using evidence in the example. Provide a link to wikipedia, articles, or something like the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Students only need to do one ARESR this week

SEEi Homework. Complete 2 SEEi this week.

  • Find and interesting topic from art, math, science, film, or your favorite book
  • Do an SEEi on "What is the most important thing that I learned from this story?"
  • Follow the form