Fitness improves nearly every aspect of a student’s performance and prevents the most common problems from becoming barriers to a student's goals. You may know that exercise is great for your general health but do you know it’s also one of the best ways to improve the performance of your student?

Learning, Memory, and Enhancing Performance

Looking for a performance boost? Exercise has been shown to enhance memory and recall. After short bursts of exercise, the brain is primed to learn and remember. Growth in academic performance is made easier through physical fitness. But exercise is good for more than just learning difficult new concepts, it’s good for wiping away the stress that is a common problem for many students.

It’s hard enough to perform well on the day of a big test. However, the real test is getting consistent high level results which stress can make nearly impossible. Regular exercise is an essential element of preventing feeling of anxiety and depression. Research shows that less than 5 weeks of exercise can have dramatic results in reducing stress. However, it doesn’t take weeks to benefit. Studies demonstrate that mood can improve within minutes of each session of exercise.

At ModernBrain, we partner with amazing people who can deliver a program of exercise that can change your student’s life. It’s time to bust the myth of the dumb jock and the fear that some kids just aren’t able to do it. We help your student find the program that will lead them to their peak level of academic and athletic performance. And of course, have fun, make new friends, and find a new and powerful confidence.